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Portable Storage Container Rental Prices

Delivery and pick-up charges calculated by zip code at checkout.


shipping Rate By Zip Code

We'll calculate your shipping at checkout, based on your zip code. Please note that your initial payment will include delivery, pick-up, and the first month's rent (plus sales tax, if applicable).


in 2-5 Business Days

Get your storage container delivered by professionals in 2-5 business days. We'll be in touch within 1 business day with your delivery date, and the driver will call when they're en route.


No Contract
3 Month Minimum

Please note that our storage container rentals are three month minimum rental terms. There are no contracts beyond the third month, and rentals are month to month after the 3rd month.


Neutral Colored Containers

Our steel storage container rentals are guaranteed not to leak, with doors that seal, and a secure lockbox. Storage container rentals are also painted a neutral color (like beige, grey, or dark blue).

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Container Delivery

Things to Know Before You Order a Shipping Container

We deliver containers on a roll-off trailer, so you won't need a forklift or a crane to unload at delivery, but you'll need to make sure you've got enough space for delivery and that your site is ready for the truck.

The trucks are Big,
and we need space to deliver.

One of the biggest considerations when determining what size container you should buy is where it will be delivered. You need a lot of extra space.

up to 120 feet

40 & 45 Foot Containers

40 & 45ft container use a roll-off truck and need a total of 120 linear feet of space for the container to be dropped off.

10 & 20 Foot Containers

10 & 20ft containers are delivered on a tilt-bed and need an additional 55 feet of space for the truck to deliver. That is 75 linear feet of total space necessary.

Both truck types need clearance from obstacles of 12 feet wide & 13.5 feet high (up to 16ft high when tipped at delivery).

The trucks are heavy,
and need a firm surface.

The truck that delivers your container could weigh over 45,000 pounds. If we're delivering on a soft surface (such as dirt or grass) please make sure your site can handle a heavy truck.

Frequently Asked

You've got questions?
We're here to help.

How wide is a storage container?

Storage container rentals that are made from old shipping containers are all 8ft wide. The internal width of a storage container is 7ft 8.59in wide and the door opening is about half an inch narrower than the rest of the container.

How big is a storage container?

Most steel storage container rentals are made from used shipping containers and come in standardized lengths of 20ft and 40ft. Shipping containers come in TEU's (twenty-foot equivalent units), but there are some 10ft storage container rentals out there too. A good point of reference for how big a storage container is would be a 20ft container is about as much space as a small single car garage and a 40ft storage container is about as much storage space as a small two car garage.

How to move a storage container?

Please Note: We do not allow for our storage container rentals to be moved after they are loaded. We also do not move containers that we did not sell or rent. If you have a container that you need moved, we encourage you to reach out to a local heavy duty towing company. If you're renting a storage container from our company and need it moved to a new location, please contact us to request a container relocation.

How tall are storage containers?

The standard height for a storage container is 8ft 6in tall, but high cube shipping containers are a foot taller at 9ft 6in tall. The inside height of a standard storage container is 7ft 9.89in and the internal height of a high cube container is 8ft 9in.

How to keep moisture out of storage containers?

Since storage containers are made from steel, changes in temperature can lead to condensation collecting inside containers sometimes. The best way to avoid condensation becoming an ongoing problem is to open the doors regularly (at least once per month) and let the container air out. You can also use industrial sized desiccants to mitigate moisture inside of a container. There is also special cargo desiccant made for shipping containers called “Container Dri” but it's usually only available in large quantities for shipping companies.

How much is a storage container to rent?

Steel storage container rentals usually start around $150 per month for 20ft containers and around $180 per month for 40ft containers. Storage containers with doors on each end can be rented for around $50 more per month in 20ft and 40ft sizes. There are also high cube storage container rentals available in 40ft sizes.

How to rent a container to ship overseas?

Unfortunately, our rental containers aren't certified for overseas shipment, and we don't allow for storage containers to be moved while loaded if they are on rent. If you need to ship a container overseas the best place to start would be with the company who will handle the shipping. In many cases shippers will offer to lease you a container for the trip at an additional fee. If you want to own the container you're using for shipping, we can sell you a container with a CSC survey that's ready for shipment, but unfortunately, we can't offer rentals for containers shipped overseas.

Can I rent a container then load it up and have it moved to a new location?

Unfortunately, we don't move loaded containers. Our storage container rentals are made from used shipping containers, so they require a crane or heavy-duty forklift to load them onto the truck once they're loaded. If you want to use a container to move, we recommend PODS or similar companies that use containers made from wood and fiberglass.

How long does it take to get a storage container rental delivered?

Please plan on 2 to 5 business days from the date you place your order for delivery of your storage container rental. You'll know within a few hours of placing your order what day it's scheduled for delivery and the driver will call you when they're en route on the day of delivery.

Are storage container rentals waterproof?

We guarantee all our storage container rentals will be leak free or we'll repair or replace your container. We ask that all customers check their container regularly (at least once per month) to ensure there aren't any hidden leaks or other issues. Steel storage containers rarely leak, but if they do, we'll fix it.

How much space is needed to deliver a storage container?

We need an additional 80ft to deliver 40ft containers (120ft total) and an additional 55ft to deliver 20ft containers (75 feet total). The truck is going to be about 10ft wide, and we need an additional foot on each side to get into any space (minimum width of 12ft). We use tilt bed style delivery trucks and trailers, and they'll be 13ft 6in tall but can reach up to 16ft high when tipped for delivery.

What should I do to prepare my site for a storage container rental to be delivered?

Make sure you've got enough space for your container to be delivered, but it's also important to place your container in an area where there won't be any standing water (the wood floors of the container rest on top of steel cross members and aren't designed to be waterproof from below). It's also important to make sure the container doors are level, or they'll be difficult to open and close.

How do steel storage container rentals compare to PODS?

Steel storage container rentals are made from used shipping containers, and their all-steel construction makes them highly durable and secure. PODS containers are made from plastic and fiberglass and designed to be light and easily moved. PODS containers also come in smaller sizes, with the most common being 12ft and 16ft PODS. Steel storage containers come in 20ft and 40ft sizes.

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Need off-site storage or a container for moving?
Western Container Sales does not offer moving or off-site storage services.

Luckily for you, we've negotiated special pricing with PODS for you.

Whether you need to relocate an employee across the country, or move your home across town, PODS can help with containers you can pack at your schedule.

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