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CSC Survey

CSC Survey required for shipping container export.

When a survey is purchased, a trained inspector confirms that the container is up to the standards listed on the CSC plate. The completed survey is then passed to your shipping company to confirm that the SOC (shipper-owned container) is up to the safety standards required for stacking on a ship.

Convention for Safe Containers Plate

The Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) Plate is a container survey that includes information on the date and location of manufacture, as well as other specifications. Learn more about the Convention for Safe Containers on the International Maritime Organization’s website.

What to Know

CSC Shipping Container Surveys

Only Cargo Worthy (CWO) & One Trip containers can be surveyed.

CWO means “cargo-worthy” or that a container has the structural integrity to be stacked 7-high on a cargo ship. One Trip containers are Cargo-Worthy containers that were manufactured within the last 1-2 calendar years.

We only survey containers that we have sold.

The survey adds an additional 2-3 business days to your pickup date (4-6 business days total for the container to be surveyed and released).

We do not assist with exports.

We recommend that you arrange your shipment for export first, then order your container about a week before you plan on picking it up.

Purchase a Shipping Container for Export

Purchase a 20 foot, 40 foot or 40 foot high cube shipping container and easily add a CSC Survey during checkout.

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