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How Much Does it Cost to Rent a 20ft Shipping Container

Rental container pricing can differ depending on your location, proximity to a container depot, and availability at the time you are looking to rent. At Western Container, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality storage containers with no long-term contracts or hidden fees.

To see storage container rental pricing in your area, get started here. You’ll simply need to fill in your zip code and your rental container price and delivery fee will be calculated automatically.

Our rentals require a minimum of 3 months, but after the initial 3 month period you have the flexibility to go month to month.

How to Get Started

How to Rent a 20’ Storage Container

Renting a shipping container through Western Container Sales is an easy and seamless process through our online booking system. We guarantee a hassle-free experience, helping you to reserve and receive your rental container within 2–5 business days.

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We’ll Source Your Container

Once your order has been placed and we have all of your necessary details, we source a storage container from intermodal cargo circulation. We go directly to the supplier; this avoids any delays and unnecessary additional costs.

Once your rental container has been sourced, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Our guarantee covers the doors, floors, and roof (but not the cosmetic condition of the storage container).

Things to Consider Before Renting a 20ft Storage Container

There are a couple of things that should be considered before you commit to a rental container for storage needs.

Space is Needed for Delivery of Your Rental Container

In order for the truck to deliver your rental container, there needs to be enough space. Please ensure that your delivery site can accommodate a 75ft truck with some additional space to maneuver the truck and offload the 20-foot container.

Our Trucks Need a Firm Surface

The trucks that deliver our 20-foot containers can weigh up to 45,000 pounds. This means they need a firm surface to drive on. If your container is going to be dropped off on dirt or grass, please ensure it is strong enough to support a delivery truck.

Plan on 2–5 Business Days for Delivery

We only work with CDL certified local haulers, and will deliver your rental within 2–5 business days. This should take 1 business day to arrange, so await our confirmation email for the exact day your 20ft rental storage container will arrive.

Used Containers are “Next Off Stack”

Our 20-foot rental storage containers are “next off stack,” which means you cannot pick a color. If you want to get a better idea of what our 20-foot rental containers look like, visit our sample photos page. 

Images of Rental Storage Containers

20ft Rental Storage Container Dimensions

The internal and external dimensions of containers are slightly different; for details visit our container dimensions page.

How Do Steel Storage Containers Compare to PODS?

PODS (Portable On Demand Storage) is the leading company for portable storage solutions across the nation. Although both PODS and Western Container Sales provide portable storage rentals nationwide, we have several notable differences.

PODS containers are smaller and lighter because they’re constructed from a mix of steel, fiberglass, aluminum, and plastic, and are designed for mobility even when loaded. In contrast, our rentals are repurposed cargo shipping containers, featuring all-steel construction with wood floors supported by steel cross members. Generally, steel shipping containers provide a larger and more heavy-duty storage option compared to standard PODS containers, but unlike PODS, we do not move loaded containers.

Get a 10% Discount with PODS

We don’t offer moving service, but we’ve partnered with PODS to offer their services to our customers that need moving and storage. Use the link below to get a 10% discount with PODS.

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