Rent Steel Storage Containers Oklahoma City, OK

Portable Storage Container Rental Prices:

(Delivery and Pick-up Calculated by Zip Code at Checkout)

40' Container Rental

$159 /mo.
  • 8' x 40' conex container rentals
  • 2/mo minimum, no additional fees

20' Container Rental

$129 /mo.
  • 8' x 20' conex container rentals
  • 2/mo minimum, no additional fees

10' Container Rental

$129 /mo.
  • 8' x 10' conex container rentals
  • 2/mo minimum, no additional fees

20' Tunnel Rental

$169 /mo.
  • 8' x 20' conex container rentals
  • Doors on both ends ("Tunnel")
  • 2/mo minimum, no additional fees

40' Tunnel Rental

$199 /mo.
  • 8' x 40' conex container rentals
  • Doors on both ends ("Tunnel")
  • 2/mo minimum, no additional fees

40' High Cube Rental

$199 /mo.
  • 8' x 40' conex container rentals
  • 9' 6" outside height
  • 2/mo minimum, no additional fees

Delivered by Professionals in 2-4 Business Days

Plan on 2-4 business days for your storage container rental to be delivered (we'll be in touch within 1 business day with your delivery date, and the driver will call when they're en route).

Shipping Calculated by Zip Code at Checkout

We'll calculate your shipping at checkout, based on your zip code. Please note that your initial payment will include delivery, pick-up, and the first month's rent (plus sales tax, if applicable)

2/mo. Minimum Rental, No Contracts Beyond That

Please note that our storage container rentals are two month minimum rental terms. There are no contracts beyond the second month, and rentals are month to month after the second month.

Quality Containers in Neutral Colors

Our steel storage containers are guaranteed not to leak, with doors that seal, and a secure lockbox. Steel storage container rentals are also painted a neutral color (like beige, grey, or dark blue).

No Additional Fees

No Additional Fees

Most of our competitors like to add in additional fees to your quoted rate, but with Western Container Sales the rate you see is the rate you'll pay (+ sales tax, where applicable). The only additional cost is your delivery and pick-up charge (calculated by your zip code at checkout).

Other companies add charges like:

  • +14% for a loss waiver
  • +5% for property fees
  • +8.3%* for a 28-day "month"

*based on annualized cost of additional billing cycle

We Don't Add Additional Charges to Your Quoted Rental Rate

In the end, you can see over 27% of additional costs to your rental rate... making a $135 quoted rate actually equal over $171/month. We believe in transparent pricing, and that there shouldn't be any surprises when you see your invoice. We also believe a "month" is a month, and not 28 days, so we'll only bill you 12 times per year (and not 13, like some of the big guys do).

Just a few of the customers who have trusted us with their container needs:

Rent 10', 20', & 40' Storage Containers Online.

Choose Size & Quantity, Give Delivery Details

First we need to know things like door direction, site contact, and that you have enough space for the truck to safely deliver the container. Delivery is calculated at checkout, based on zip code. PLEASE NOTE: We don't move containers once they're loaded (if that's what you need, you might try PODS or similar companies).  Containers are painted neutral colors like beige or grey.

Rental Container is Delivered in 2-4 Business Days

Then we'll source your container from a preferred partner and notify you within one business day when to expect your container (the driver will also call your site contact when they are headed your way with the container). When you're ready for pick-up, make sure the container is empty and unobstructed and then terminate your rental by logging into your account in our customer portal.

Your Credit Card Will Be Billed Monthly (2/mo. minimum)

Payments will be billed automatically until you request pick-up. You can manage your account in our customer portal and do things like terminate your rental (please allow up to 10 business days for pick-up) and change your payment method. There are no hidden charges or long-term contracts. Just fill out the form and keep the container as long as you need it. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Customized Shipping Container Modifications

We offer shipping container modifications through Custom Container Mods (powered by ConGlobal).  Add roll-up doors, electrical, vents, and more.

Other Services:

Western Container Sales offers reefer containers, jobsite equipment rentals, and custom shipping container modifications through our partner companies.

Refrigerated Container Sales & Rentals

We offer nationwide reefer container sales and rentals at Powered by the the professionals at ITS ConGlobal, the largest intermodal services company in North America.

Construction Equipment Rentals

For customers who need to rent dumpsters, toilets, office trailers, & more, there's Powered by Mobile Mini, the world's largest portable storage provider.

Custom Container Modifications

Have an idea to build something out of a shipping container? can make that a reality. Powered by ConGlobal, with professional welders on staff nationwide.

We've Got a Lot of Happy Customers

Jeremy G. Nashville, TN
  • "Renting from you guys was exactly the way I like to do business. Fast, simple, to the point! Everything happened exactly as your web site said it would. If every company I worked with did business like you guys the world would be a happier place! Thanks again and I look forward to working with you in the future."

Joe V. Lake Elsinore, CA
  • "Great experience. I knew nothing about containers, read the info, called with questions and all were answered. Bought 2, they scheduled the delivery service. The driver was very helpful with the delivery and the containers were in great shape. Nothing more I could have expected. Thanks to everyone for making it so easy. :)"

Michael C. Houston, TX
  • "Thank you! Very smooth rental process. The delivery was prompt and the driver did a great job of getting it where we wanted it. We are very pleased with the container as well. Thank you!"

What to Expect in a Steel Storage Container Rental:

Quality Storage Containers

We work directly with some of the largest container providers in North America, as well as some of the best regional providers, to ensure the container you receive is a high quality steel storage container.  We guarantee that the container will be leak free, with doors that seal, and floors strong enough for a small forklift to drive on without issue.  The storage container will also be painted a neutral color (beige, grey, etc.) and have a lock-box, or upgraded locking system, for you to place your own lock.

Professional Container Delivery

Once you place your order, we'll be in touch within one business day to confirm the delivery ETA. We only use professional hauling partners to make your storage container delivery, and the driver will give you a call when they're en route that day.  Please make sure you're ready for the truck by visiting this page to learn more about delivery. Our standard delivery timeline is 2-4 business days, but if there's a specific day you need it please feel free to contact us.

How to Buy Shipping Containers in Oklahoma City, OK


Unfortunately Oklahoma City is not a major intermodal container hub, and because of the inconsistent supply of shipping containers we do not offer containers for sale in Oklahoma City, OK. However, we are able to sell shipping containers in Dallas, TX (as well as many other markets). While we do offer deliveries to some areas near Oklahoma City out of Dallas, TX, it is most likely that customers will need to arrange for their own trucking in order to purchase a shipping container in Oklahoma City.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


Shipping Container Dimensions:

Ocean cargo containers are held to a rigid standard to ensure that there are no issues during shipping.  Each intermodal shipping container (sometimes called "conex" containers) must be able to not only stack perfectly on a cargo ship, but also lock into chassis trailers safely and securely stack on rail cars.  The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) sets the standards for shipping container dimensions (via ISO 668).

PLEASE NOTE: Dimensions may vary slightly, based on manufacturer.  But these numbers should be very close.

20' Standard Shipping Container

External Dimensions

Length: 19' 10.50" - Width: 8' 0.00" - Height: 8' 6.00"

Internal Dimensions

Length: 18' 8.81" - Width: 7' 8.59" - Height: 7' 9.89"

Door Opening Dimensions

Width: 7' 8.125" - Height: 7' 5.75"

Capacity & Weight

Cubic Volume: 1,169 cubic feet - Empty Weight: 4,850 lbs - Load Capacity: 61,289 lbs

40' Standard Shipping Container

External Dimensions

Length: 40' 0.00" - Width: 8' 0.00" - Height: 8' 6.00"

Internal Dimensions

Length: 39' 5.70" - Width: 7' 8.59" - Height: 7' 9.89"

Door Opening Dimensions

Width: 7' 8.125" - Height: 7' 5.75"

Capacity & Weight

Cubic Volume: 2,385 cubic feet - Empty Weight: 8,380 lbs - Load Capacity: 57,759 lbs

40' High Cube Shipping Container

External Dimensions

Length: 40' 0.00" - Width: 8' 0.00" - Height: 9' 6.00"

Internal Dimensions

Length: 39' 4.00" - Width: 7' 7.00" - Height: 8' 9.00"

Door Opening Dimensions

Width: 7' 6.00" - Height: 8' 5.00"

Capacity & Weight

Cubic Volume: 2,660 cubic feet - Empty Weight: 8,598 lbs - Load Capacity: 58,598 lbs

45' High Cube Shipping Container

External Dimensions

Length: 45' 0.00" - Width: 8' 0.00" - Height: 9' 6.00"

Internal Dimensions

Length: 44' 4.00" - Width: 7' 7.00" - Height: 8' 9.00"

Door Opening Dimensions

Width: 7' 6.00" - Height: 8' 5.00"

Capacity & Weight

Cubic Volume: 3,040 cubic feet - Empty Weight: 10,580 lbs - Load Capacity: 55,559 lbs

10' Standard Shipping Container

External Dimensions

Length: 9' 10.50" - Width: 8' 0.00" - Height: 8' 6.00"

Internal Dimensions

Length: 8' 8.81" - Width: 7' 8.59" - Height: 7' 9.89"

Door Opening Dimensions

Width: 7' 8.125" - Height: 7' 5.75"

Capacity & Weight

Cubic Volume: 536.3 cubic feet - Empty Weight: 2,870 lbs - Load Capacity: 24,910 lbs

How Does Renting Storage Containers Online Work?

Watch this video to find out more about how the process works to rent conex containers online. PLEASE NOTE: Delivery/Pick-up Charged up front (calculated by zip code at checkout). Delivery rates won't populate until after you've entered your complete shipping address. Feel free to reach out with any questions, we're always happy to help.

How Do Steel Storage Containers Compare to PODS?

The largest nationwide portable storage company is PODS (Portable On Demand Storage). While both PODS and Western Container Sales offer nationwide portable storage rentals, there are some key differences.

Primarily that PODS' containers are smaller, lighter units that are made from a combination of steel, fiberglass, aluminum and plastic, and designed to be moved while loaded.  In contrast, our rentals are re-purposed used shipping containers

(all steel construction, with wood floors over steel cross members).Overall, steel shipping containers are a larger and heavy duty alternative to the standard PODS storage containers. PODS now offers a an all-steel 16 ft container.

PODS Will Move Loaded Containers, We Won't...

While Western Container Sales offers steel storage containers in sizes up to 40' in length, PODS offers smaller, 8', 12' and 16' storage units with aluminum and plastic exteriors, in addition to a 16' all-steel container option. Steel shipping containers are difficult to load/unload without the heavy equipment found at ports and depots, but PODS units are small enough to be easily managed with light duty lifts. Western Container Sales does not move loaded units, so if you need your container moved after it's loaded PODS or similar companies might be a better option. However, if you need storage at your location we offer larger, all steel containers. Our cost per square foot is almost always lower, as well.

Get a 10% Discount With PODS

We've partnered with PODS to offer their services to our customers that need moving and storage. Use the link below to get a 10% discount with PODS.

We Deliver Within 75 Miles of Oklahoma City, OK

We work with local haulers that have roll-off trailers to coordinate your delivery. Because of the specialized nature of the equipment needed to offer ground level delivery of a shipping container, the hauler isn't usually able to find a backhaul. Because of that, the driver needs to be able to get out and back within their logbook hours, and this means we're not able to offer delivery beyond 75 miles.

Delivery Cities Include:

Oklahoma City OK
Wheatland OK
Newcastle OK
Norman OK
Mustang OK
Bethany OK
Tuttle OK
Nicoma Park OK
Yukon OK
Spencer OK
Blanchard OK
Washington OK
Choctaw OK
Noble OK
Newalla OK
Edmond OK
Jones OK
Amber OK
Dibble OK
Union City OK
Purcell OK
Harrah OK
Lexington OK
Mcloud OK
Piedmont OK
Arcadia OK
El Reno OK
Minco OK
Pocasset OK
Luther OK
Alex OK
Chickasha OK
Wayne OK
Concho OK
Tecumseh OK
Macomb OK
Cashion OK
Shawnee OK
Bradley OK
Verden OK
Lindsay OK
Wanette OK
Okarche OK
Maysville OK
Wellston OK
Guthrie OK

Delivery Zip Codes Include:


Why Don't We Make You Call for a Shipping Container Quote?

We know what a hassle it can be to call for a shipping container quote. Or how annoying it can be to fill out a form on what appears to be a conex container rental site and consequently be bombarded with salespeople from third party companies because your information was sold as a lead.  Unlike the big guys, our shipping container prices are posted online.  Why do we do this when other companies won't? Simple, we know our prices are fair, and well below what you'd see with our large corporate competitors.

Western Container Sales will get you a fair price for a used shipping container sourced directly from global intermodal equipment providers, pulled from their inventories at your nearest intermodal depot. Because the containers were recently moving cargo, we know they won't leak and we guarantee it.  Check out our current shipping container prices (please note they do change with inventory levels). We also make renting steel storage containers just as easy, with our online rental order form.