SAVINGSource Partnership and Discount

Discounts on container purchases, dedicated line to our logistics team, a higher level of service so you can focus on your store.

Our goal is to make it simple to buy and rent a storage container. To make it even easier for SAVINGSource partners, we’ve given every store our wholesale discount on container purchases and provide a special direct line to our sales and logistics teams to ensure your delivery goes smoothly.

Rent Storage Containers

We offer portable storage container rentals nationwide with a 3-mo. min. rental period. Your initial payment will include delivery, pick-up and the first month’s rent, then your card will be billed monthly until you request pick-up. We’ll be in touch within one (1) business day to coordinate your delivery (plan on 2-5 business days for rental deliveries).

door view of beige 40 foot high steel shipping container rental

Buy Used Shipping Containers

door view of 40 foot high red steel shipping container

Use the discount provided in the portal at checkout to take an additional 10% off of our wholesale prices on shipping. Containers are delivered in 4-7 business days, and our logistics team will be in touch within one (1) business day to coordinate your delivery. Make sure to check out the sample photos of used and “One Trip” containers before you buy.

Get in Touch

We use technology to make the buying process simpler, but sometimes you still need to talk to a real person. We’ve created dedicated lines for SAVINGSource partners to call our sales and logistics teams to manage their order. When you call using one of the numbers below our team will see “SAVINGSource Queue” on their desk phone and know that it’s one of our partners at SAVINGSource calling.

left side view of 40 foot high cube shipping container in blue, 40ft shipping containers for sale, used 45ft cargo worth shipping containers, 40ft high cube shipping container

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