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Delivery and pick-up charges calculated by zip code at checkout.

Delivery Cities Include:

Greenville SC, Conestee SC, Taylors SC, Mauldin SC, Piedmont SC, Greer SC, Easley SC, Simpsonville SC, Travelers Rest SC, Slater SC, Pelzer SC, Tigerville SC, Marietta SC, Duncan SC, Fountain Inn SC, Williamston SC, Liberty SC, Reidville SC, Lyman SC, Pickens SC, Startex SC, Wellford SC, Cleveland SC, Norris SC, Gramling SC, Woodruff SC, Moore SC, Central SC, Gray Court SC, Fairforest SC, Belton SC, Campobello SC & more.

Delivery Zip Codes Include:

29607, 29662, 29636, 29605, 29615, 29602, 29603, 29604, 29606, 29608, 29610, 29612, 29616, 29601, 29614, 29681, 29650, 29680, 29611, 29609, 29673, 29652, 29613, 29617, 29651, 29644, 29375, 29687, 29368, 29669, 29334, 29642, 29365, 29377, 29640, 29641, 29388, 29697, 29369, 29385, 29683, 29690, 29645 & more.


shipping Rate By Zip Code

We'll calculate your shipping at checkout, based on your zip code. Please note that your initial payment will include delivery, pick-up, and the first month's rent (plus sales tax, if applicable).


in 2-5 Business Days

Get your storage container delivered by professionals in 2-5 business days. We'll be in touch within 1 business day with your delivery date, and the driver will call when they're en route.


No Contract
3 Month Minimum

Please note that our storage container rentals are three month minimum rental terms. There are no contracts beyond the third month, and rentals are month to month after the 3rd month.


Neutral Colored Containers

Our steel storage container rentals are guaranteed not to leak, with doors that seal, and a secure lockbox. Storage container rentals are also painted a neutral color (like beige, grey, or dark blue).

Container Delivery

Things to Know Before You Order a Shipping Container

We deliver containers on a roll-off trailer, so you won't need a forklift or a crane to unload at delivery, but you'll need to make sure you've got enough space for delivery and that your site is ready for the truck.

The trucks are Big,
and we need space to deliver.

One of the biggest considerations when determining what size container you should buy is where it will be delivered. You need a lot of extra space.

up to 120 feet

40 & 45 Foot Containers

40 & 45ft container use a roll-off truck and need a total of 120 linear feet of space for the container to be dropped off.

10 & 20 Foot Containers

10 & 20ft containers are delivered on a tilt-bed and need an additional 55 feet of space for the truck to deliver. That is 75 linear feet of total space necessary.

Both truck types need clearance from obstacles of 12 feet wide & 13.5 feet high (up to 16ft high when tipped at delivery).

The trucks are heavy,
and need a firm surface.

The truck that delivers your container could weigh over 45,000 pounds. If we're delivering on a soft surface (such as dirt or grass) please make sure your site can handle a heavy truck.

Frequently Asked

You've got questions?
We're here to help.

Can I pick my container color?

Unfortunately intermodal depots are busy places and most of the containers stacked up are being used for cargo. When you buy a used shipping container from our company, we act as a broker and source a container directly from global intermodal equipment providers.

For used containers we are unable to allow the customer to request their color, however we can offer beige and grey color options for One Trip containers. If you're ordering multiple units, we can usually guarantee matching units (upon request, based on availability).

I need to export my container, can you help with that?

Exporting a container is far more complex than buying one. We highly recommend all customers who need to use their container for export work with a freight forwarder first, and then reach out to us to buy the container about a week or two before you plan to pick it up. We also recommend that your freight forwarder coordinate all of the trucking. Because we offer ground level delivery, and can't move loaded containers, you'll likely need a crane to load your container onto the chassis when the truck comes to pick it up. A simpler option is to work with your freight forwarder to arrange a hauler to drop the container on a chassis so you won't need a crane to load it onto the trailer later.

If you're buying a shipping container to be used for export, you can add a CSC Survey to your purchase (please note, surveys add 3-5 business days to the normal timeline). We are happy to provide a cargo worthy (CWO) container, as well as coordinate a CSC survey at the depot prior to your hauler picking up the container. Learn more about CSC surveys.

Do you move loaded containers?

We do not move loaded containers under any circumstance. If you need moving services, we suggest calling companies like PODS.

I already have a container, can you move it?

We do not move containers we did not sell/rent. If you need an existing container moved, we recommend working with a local heavy haul company or heavy duty wrecking/towing company.

Can I look at the shipping container before I buy it?

Because the containers are stacked at the intermodal depot, we cannot obtain photos or guarantee a specific unit. The depots are storing empty shipping containers for shipping lines and intermodal equipment providers. When we place an order for our customers, they pick the next container off the stack that meets their criteria.

The shipping containers we sell come directly from the intermodal depot, and because depots are so busy they don't have the ability to let customers select from a wide variety of container options. Additionally, not every container in the stack is for sale (over 95% of containers at depots are not available for sale and are still being used for cargo).

Unfortunately, this means that we're unable to allow customers to pick a specific container. We do guarantee every container we sell, and do our best to set realistic expectations as to what your container might look like.

Can I pick up the container myself?

We're happy to load your truck at the depot if you have the proper equipment to safely transport a shipping container (if you don't have a truck capable of safely hauling a container, we can help you with delivery).

After purchase, we will provide you with a release number and pick-up information. You can then go to the intermodal depot on the release and have the container loaded on your truck.

Please be aware you are required to comply with all DOT and OSHA rules while at the intermodal depot and Western Container Sales cannot be liable for any issues during transport.

Need off-site storage or a container for moving?
Western Container Sales does not offer moving or off-site storage services.

Luckily for you, we've negotiated special pricing with PODS for you.

Whether you need to relocate an employee across the country, or move your home across town, PODS can help with containers you can pack at your schedule.

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