CSC Survey

Add a CSC Survey to Your Container Purchase:

Please add the CSC to cart and then purchase your container. NOTE: Only CWO and One Trip containers can be surveyed. Please allow for an additional 2-3 business days for survey to be completed.

PLEASE NOTE: We Cannot Move Loaded Containers

We can't move loaded containers, and when you order delivery from us, our haulers will put the container on the ground (meaning you'll need a crane or forklift to load the container back onto a chassis when the truck comes to pick it up). For this reason we recommend customers who need a box for export handle their own trucking.  Give us at least 3 business days to get a container released and surveyed before sending a truck.

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What is a CSC Survey?

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International Convention for Safe Containers

In 1972 the International Maritime Organization, working with other parties, established the International Convention for Safe Containers (CSC).  Among other things, the 1972 Convention provides "uniform international safety regulations" and requires all containers to include a CSC plate.  The CSC plate includes information that date of manufacture, dimensions, weight capacity, and stacking capabilities.

What Does a CSC Survey Cover?

The survey is simply a trained inspector confirming that the container is up to the standards listed on the CSC plate.  The completed survey is then passed to your shipping company to confirm that the SOC (shipper owned container) is up to the safety standards required for stacking on a ship.  Please Note: Railbox Consulting does not assist with exports, and recommend that you arrange for shipment first, and then order your container about a week before you plan on picking it up.

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