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Shipping container dimensions are held to very specific standards. ISO requires that all containers be built to within a few millimeters of one another so they can be stacked on container ships.

Containers are normally counted in TEU’s (Twenty-foot Equivalent Units) and are most commonly built in 20′ and 40′ lengths. There are also 40′ high cube containers, that are one foot taller than the standard 8’6″ container height.

About Shipping Containers

There are over 20 million intermodal shipping containers in cargo circulation. In certain cities containers pile up in rail depots and ports, and companies are charged for storage. If too many shipping containers pile up, intermodal companies will sell of the units. This supply fluctuation is why containers have different prices in different cities.We can help you navigate the process of purchasing shipping containers in your city by working directly with intermodal equipment firms and shipping lines to buy their excess containers.

How long is the process?

The process is somewhat complex and has a lot of moving parts and companies all over the world involved in the sale and release of a shipping container purchase.Usually containers are delivered within 3-5 days of payment, but sometimes it takes longer than that. Customers should plan on about a week for delivery of their container. And remember, these containers are being used for cargo. While they will be dry and in good structural condition, they may need some paint and other cleanup work before being used as storage.

How does delivery work?

Railbox Consulting does not own any trucks, but we do work with strategic partners in each of the areas we serve and can help with ground level delivery of your container.Our trucking partners all have Landoll trailers or similar tilt-bed and slid-axle equipment to put your container right on the ground (make sure you have room for the truck).Customers can also pick up their own containers if they have the proper equipment, are familiar with logistics operations, and have the right safety gear to go into the depot.

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