Shipping Container Homes & Buildings

Contact an Architect First

Western Container Sales does not manufacture or sell shipping container homes or buildings, however we have helped a number of customers buy shipping containers to build a home or building. 

If you're considering building a home or other structure from shipping containers, we're happy to provide the containers... but we ask that you contact an architect or engineer before you reach out to us.

We can usually get you all the containers you'll need for your project within a week or two. Plans and permits will take much, much longer.

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We Won't Help You Build a Container Home...

There is a myth that building with shipping containers is ridiculously cheap. It’s not. While you can save some money, and have a more durable structure by using shipping containers, it’s definitely not cheap. Unless you're willing to do it yourself (and value your own labor at $0/hour) it's probably not going to be much of a cost saver.

Our experience is that the containers will be less than 10% of your total building cost. Even single container projects rarely have a total cost under $30,000, and multi-container projects tend to have similar costs to traditional building. While containers can save you money on framing, you'll still need windows, doors, flooring, electrical, plumbing, etc.

There's always someone popping up to say that "shipping containers are the solution" to housing shortages... but you might notice that in most cases the photo they provide is of a concept, and not a completed project. Don't get us wrong, we think shipping container buildings are really cool... just don't be fooled into thinking they're cheap.

Customized Shipping Container Modifications

We offer shipping container modifications through Custom Container Mods (powered by ConGlobal).  Add roll-up doors, electrical, vents, and more.

Custom Container Mods: Powered by ConGlobal

We're experts in wholesale shipping containers, but when it comes to shipping container modifications we were limited in what we could offer nationwide because we were outsourcing all of the modifications to third parties. In order to offer our customers who need their shipping container modified a better experience, we've partnered with ITS ConGlobal to create Custom Container Mods.

ConGlobal is the largest intermodal services company in North America, and they have hundreds of welders, service technicians, and other container professionals on their staff.  Having Custom Container Mods powered by ITS ConGlobal means our customers will work directly with customized shipping container specialists at ConGlobal every step of the way.

Get started on your customized shipping container modification project today.

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