Wind & Water Tight (WWT) Shipping Container Sample Photos

Used Shipping Containers Are Ugly...

We intentionally show our customers containers with cosmetic blemishes, surface rust, and dings/dents because your container might look like that. We want to set HONEST expectations as to potential cosmetic blemishes. We work directly with some of the largest intermodal companies in the world to guarantee our customers get high quality used shipping containers, but those shipping companies care mainly about functionality. Intermodal companies don't care what a container looks like, they just care that the roof doesn't leak, the floors can support 40,000-lbs of cargo and the doors seal properly. That's why we can't guarantee your container will be pretty, but also why every container we sell comes with our 1-Year Warranty (covering the structural integrity of the unit). A fresh coat of paint can also go a long way...

WWT ("Wind & Water Tight")

Wind and water tight graded used shipping containers are no longer able to pass a CSC survey and cannot be exported. All WWT condition containers can be repaired to CWO condition, and often the repair is as simple as patching a dent deemed too large, or a bent cross-member under the floor.

Sometimes WWT condition containers were CWO containers until their CSC survey expired, and the shipping line using the unit decided not to keep it in circulation (often because of age).  However the unit may still be in the "cargo worthy" condition and simply need a new CSC survey.

WWT containers make great storage units, and are sometimes still used for domestic shipping.  While WWT containers are on average the oldest units we sell, they are covered by our 1-Year Warranty.  They also clean up nicely. Check out the video above to see what a fresh coat of paint will do for WWT units.

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Don't Be Anxious About WWT Containers

Every container we sell comes with our 1-Year Warranty, and a little paint goes a long way.  Check out what the BWI Airport Marriott did with 4 x 40' WWT containers.


What's the Difference between CWO & WWT?

CWO means "cargo-worthy" or that a container has the structural integrity to be stacked 7-high on a cargo ship.  WWT means "wind and water tight" and is primarily used for storage.

Check out the video to learn more.

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