Cargo Worthy (CWO) Shipping Container Sample Photos

Used Shipping Containers Are Ugly...

We intentionally show our customers containers with cosmetic blemishes, surface rust, and dings/dents because your container might look like that. We want to set HONEST expectations as to potential cosmetic blemishes. We work directly with some of the largest intermodal companies in the world to guarantee our customers get high quality used shipping containers, but those shipping companies care mainly about functionality. Intermodal companies don't care what a container looks like, they just care that the roof doesn't leak, the floors can support 40,000-lbs of cargo and the doors seal properly. That's why we can't guarantee your container will be pretty, but also why every container we sell comes with our 3-Year Warranty (covering the structural integrity of the unit). A fresh coat of paint can also go a long way...

CWO ("Cargo Worthy")

Used shipping containers that are still able to be CSC certified for overseas shipment, and stacked up to 7-high on container ships. Cargo-worthy or "CWO" containers are generally in similar cosmetic condition to WWT containers (though, CWO units tend to be a couple years newer, on average).

Because containers are exposed to the elements and made from steel, all CWO and WWT units will have some surface rust. Fortunately, containers are made from cor-ten steel and built to be extremely durable. A fresh coat of paint also goes a long way in cleaning up a used container.

To repair a container to "cargo worthy" standards, CWO containers will often have patches (to remove large dents or holes).  Those repairs have been made at professional facilities, and our 1-Year Warranty covers the doors, floors and roof of every CWO container we sell.

Exporting Your Container? Make Sure to Get a CSC Survey.

A CSC (Container Safety Certification) Survey tells your shipper that your container is cargo worthy.

What's the Difference between CWO & WWT?

CWO means "cargo-worthy" or that a container has the structural integrity to be stacked 7-high on a cargo ship.  WWT means "wind and water tight" and is primarily used for storage.

Check out the video to learn more.

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