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We're experts in standard ("dry") shipping containers, but reefer containers are much more complex.  You can usually tell if something's wrong with a standard container just by looking at it long enough, but a refrigerated container requires a professional inspection. We think it's irresponsible to sell a refrigerated shipping container without having it professionally certified first.

We also understand that buying or renting a reefer container can be a complicated process, and that going with the wrong vendor can be a costly mistake in cold storage.  That's why Railbox Consulting (the parent company of Western Container Sales) teamed up with ITS ConGlobal (the largest intermodal services company in North America) to create Reefer Container Pros.

We're proud to have powered by ITS ConGlobal. Our customers can now buy & rent reefer containers directly from industry leading refrigerated container experts. information.

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We only recommend buying a reefer container from a refrigerated container expert. However, we understand that some of our customers may need refrigerated or insulated shipping containers.  That's why we teamed up with ITS ConGlobal, the largest intermodal services company in North America to help with Offering reefer container sales and rentals in Seattle, Portland, Oakland, Los Angeles, Houston, New Orleans, Chicago, Norfolk, Charleston, Savannah, & Jacksonville. Reefer Container Pros is powered by ITS ConGlobal, and customers that visit can be connected directly with a refrigerated container expert at ITS ConGlobal.

What Makes Reefer Container Pros Different

Reefer Container Pros offers professionally inspected refrigerated shipping containers for sale and rent.  Whether you need cold storage for an event, or a refrigerated shipping container for export, Reefer Container Pros offers refrigerated shipping containers for coast to coast.

Learn more about refrigerated shipping containers at Reefer Container Pros